RKJ Music's top picks

We hope you're ready for a new round of the top picks that we have found in various corners of the web, they are very good songs that will surely give you a pleasant time, this time it was difficult to organize them in a top since they are all very good but we hope you enjoy this selection and tell us which one is your favorite in the comments below!


This is a song that we would like to start with as it is something that transmits a very smooth feeling through very emotional chords with very well recorded and mixed vocals, the lyrics are very interesting and the French YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB manages to communicate her message in a smooth and pleasant way, which makes us not want to stop listening to this song, the vibe is unique and the rhythm is chill but catchy, it is a very original combination and that is why we have included this production in our top this week, but we will let you listen to it and fall in love with this rhythm!

#5 Hydie Humbles - Barcelona

Hydie Humbles never disappoints and with her new single “Barcelona” she shows us the talent she has to compose quality music, her voice simply envelops you and takes you to the clouds on a very calm and chill journey, it is a song with RnB chords that is very pleasant to listen to, once the song begins it relaxes and captures you during the four and a half minutes that the production lasts, this artist has a great future in the world of music and we are pleased to support her since she will surely fill many stadiums soon with her music!

#4 The Endorphines - Parachute

This is a song that definitely has to be in our top this week, since this production begins in a smooth way but when it reaches the chorus it creates a very intense and emotional atmosphere, the singer has an incredible and smooth tone of voice that massages your ears with melodies and romantic lyrics that tell how someone falls in love very quickly with another person. The production is also spectacular and the sound quality is so clean that you can hear each sound clearly, if we had to rate this song we would give it an 11 out of 10! listen to it and we assure you that you will like it.

#3 Lazer Owl - Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

This is a production that captivated us as soon as we heard it, it has an extremely positive vibe that can lift anyone's mood at any time, the sounds that Lazer Owl uses are arranged in a way that makes the song very easy to listen to, the lyrics are simple but very catchy and pleasant, the chords create a certain positive nostalgia that makes this song stand out in a unique and exciting way. This is definitely the vibe we need in these pandemic times, we just have to say that everything is gonna be alright!

#2 KTEE - Your Place

KTE is a very talented artist who brings us her latest single “Your Place” so that we can enjoy good vibes with a very funky and catchy style, this production has a unique and contagious energy, throughout the song it makes you want to start dancing and It's definitely what made this song hit # 2 on our list this week. The powerful voice of KTE caught us and in addition to "Your Place", this artist has a complete repertoire of music that is worth listening to, maybe she could become your new favorite artist!

#1 Icarus Moth & Wit Blu - Perfect outfit

We arrived at the number one spot, and Icarus Moth has it well deserved because he creates something unique, with innovative sounds and a very clean mix, you can actually hear the work in the details, the vocals are very good too, we don ' t have a bad comment about of this song and we just love it, it has 808s that sound solid in the mix, the melodies are well defined and all the elements complement each other to create an absolute work of art! We could think that "Perfect Outfit" is one of those songs that you can listen to today, in a week, or in 5 years and it would still have the same effect since its authenticity gives it that unique and difficult value to find in music nowadays.


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