RKJ Music's Top Picks, Week 3

We are back with a new round of top picks for you, we have chosen some interesting songs that got recently released by amazing artists. so just sit back and enjoy these next jams!

#8 Cariss Auburn - Too Tired To Sleep

This song seems to us a perfect way to start with this top since Cariss manages to transmit unique energy through the vocal melodies that she performs in her new single "Too Tired to Sleep", the instruments complement each other in a smooth and chill way and this makes that the intention of the song is intense and emotional, the lyrics do not fall behind since with their content Cariss managed to captivate us and convince us that it definitely deserves a place on our list today!

#7 Victor Perry - Greenlight (feat. Levi)

This song is very interesting and innovative to us since it is a mixture of Funk, RnB and chill elements that combine in a perfect way, thus achieving a very catchy and unique vibe, the vocal chops at the beginning and after the choruses give it a nice electronic touch and the tone of the singer really is very pleasant to listen to, we can notice the work on the vocals, the details of the instrumental and the rhythm, a production that in addition to a good concept has an incredibly good sound quality, we hope you like it!

#6 Rosehip - Monsoon Hush

In position number 6 we have a song with a very smooth rhythm, a clear example that good music can be presented in any genre, with, or in this case, without vocals, the piano in the background is pleasant and the melodies just catch you from start to finish, it has some interesting variations that create nice contrasts. "Monsoon Hush" is one of those songs that we can listen to in the car, studying or any time we want to relax and get lost in the music!

#5 Simba Sing - Got You

We like it a lot when we find this type of songs, they are the ones that start well and then get better since it has a smooth rhythm that later becomes very catchy thanks to the subtle but well-structured percussions that Simba Sing uses in this incredible production, the vibe is mesmerizing and you don't notice the passage of time listening to it, it just takes you to a better place where everything is fine and perfect, the lyrics are also interesting and it's a song that cannot be missing in your favorites list!

#4 Luan Mei - Yellow

Luan Yei presents her new single "Yellow", which is a promising song because it manages to create a pleasant vibe through acoustic instruments and a very catchy vocal that sticks in your head for hours, the sound quality is very good too and what makes this song special is the electric guitar that accompanies the vocal melody throughout the song, making it sound very interesting and dynamic. If we were asked to rate this song we would give it a 10/10. Excellent!

#3 Gabby Wilson - Hug It Out

All the way from Sweden we have Gabby Wilson who gives us a combination of very catchy and innovative sounds, a formula that cannot go wrong if you are a lover of good music, the bass pattern is marked throughout the song which is something that we love and it gives a fun and enjoyable vibe to the production. The voice of this artist is silky and listening to her is like having a massage in the ears, the lyrics and her tone are perfect, if you want to enjoy the next 3 minutes listening to her I assure you that you will not regret it!

#2 Cristina Hart - I'm A Mess

We are approaching the top 1 of this week but, first, we'd like to show you this song that could not go unnoticed. At the time we received this song we realized that it should be among the best on this list, it was a hard decision not to put it first but that does not stop it from being one of our favorites, this talented artist gives us this incredible production, showing us many nuances of her voice, the composition is clean and the instrumental is pleasant, the type of vibe you want to hear in the afternoons watching the sunset, but we will let you decide for yourself!

#1 Alex Frew - Get Out Alive

This week we received and found very good songs, but this definitely takes the top prize, the music is subjective but in our opinion "Get Out Alive" manages to catch us in every way, sound quality, structure, concept and rhythm, it has it all perfect, the 808's are perfectly balanced and the idea is very emotional, the energy is very nice and this is something that we would like to hear on the radio, we would also pay a ticket to listen to this song live! Alex Drew has a very promising career and we look forward to hearing his next songs!