RKJ Music's weekly top 10: week 1

As you already know, at RKJ Music we are always looking for new ways to promote and share the talent of artists who contact us or that we simply discover on the web, that is why we want to bring a new section for you where we will weekly select a top 10 of the songs that maybe you haven't heard yet but that are worth being recognized, who knows, maybe you will find in this list your next favorite song!

So let's get started:

#10 Sipprell - Like We Don't Care

From London, Sipprell brings us "Like We Don’t Care", a song that is sure to be an international hit. This girl, in addition to being super talented, has already had appearances on BBC 1Xtra as their “Best Of British” when she had her debut single “Curious”.

Her new proposal “Like We Don't Care” is a very peculiar and unique production of its kind, the RnB influence and the electronic sounds combined with other recorded instruments create a very special and intimate atmosphere for the vocals, which are the most spectacular part of this song since Sipprel shows us the range and versatility of her voice through different nuances and melodic contrasts that simply take us on a very interesting emotional journey throughout the song. We hope this song is a success and also that it manages to delight your ears as it did with ours:

#9 ME - Can't Get Enough

If you want to know the meaning of the word “smooth”, just listen to this song and you will understand it with your ears, “Can't Get Enough” is a production that has very pleasant chords that combine perfectly with the vocal by “ME” in a romantic and chill way, something perfect for the summer and to feel good. The concept is mellow, something you just can't stop listening to from start to end, we really “Can’t Get Enough” of this song and this is why it deserves to be on our top this week. Listen to her and follow “Me” on her socials if you enjoy this vibe like we do.

#8 Jenny Kern - Satellite

This song is something special, because we can actually and truthfully feel the emotion that “Jenny Kern” wants to transmit through her lyrics, each word seems to touch your senses and take you on an emotional journey where you find yourself embraced and surrounded by pleasant sounds and intense melodies. This artist is something different from what you will find out there because we can perceive the sincerity in her lyrics and listen to the work in the details of each instrument and vocal nuance. More than a song, Jenny manages to create a timeless piece of art. That is why we included "Satellite" in our top this week, it is a song that has it all and definitely deserves to be heard:

#7 Hysterism - Get The F*ck Out

This Top is not only about melodic music, we also have something very special for you that we couldn't miss. “Get The F*ck Out” is a track made by Hysterism and that, in addition to its incredibly good sound quality, has many electronic elements that will surely make you dance, the drops are the most interesting part of the song since they are a combination of many sounds and textures that are simply pleasant and transmit a very good energy. Due to how well produced and catchy this track is, we would not be surprised to see world-class djs playing it very soon in their live sets and here at RKJ Music we give you the opportunity to be the first to hear it!

#6 Lelli - Heartbeat

If you like the vocal chops and the more experimental sounds you are in the right place since “Lelli” shows us her most recent single “Heartbeat” which is definitely something very innovative since the percussion and melodic elements in this song are something different to what you would find out there these days, the kick and the bass manage to give a very interesting solidity to the song and the voice of Lelli is simply what makes this production stand out in an exciting and unique way since she presents a combination of experimental sounds with a vocal that is very catchy and pleasant. We can also say that the sound quality is very good because if you close your eyes and listen carefully you will be able to hear each sound very clearly but we will let you fall in love with this song yourself:

#5 Wasteland X Sydnee Carter: Haulin

We receive many submissions on a daily basis but nothing like this new single by “Wasteland” and Sydnee Carter, all the way from Australia. “Haulin” is a song that combines many interesting and “tasteful” (as they describe it) sounds that create an exciting blend of styles that easily sticks in your head for hours (and days!), Especially the drops where the main melody is played with a harmonica (how cool is that?). This concept comes from two different musical worlds, the Electronic (EDM) and the Indie (Acoustic), which manage to meet at the perfect point where the result is something very innovative, fresh and catchy. We love Australia and especially these two artists who hopefully manage to bring this rhythm to the entire planet!

#4 Zachary Simon - Broke

I think that many of us have been in the middle of a situation where we have to decide if we do what makes us money or what gives us pleasure and joy, and in this song, “Zachary Simon” manages to describe this emotion in a pleasant and positive way, he even used a mouth trumpet (kazoo) to more accurately set the mood for the song. The most interesting are the lyrics, because they have a touch of humor that gives that unique detail to "Broke". The production does not fall behind and it shows that Zachary and his collaborators thought of every detail to make listening to this song a very pleasant experience. If you've been broke or you currently are, surely this song will brighten your day:

#3 Deza - Does Everybody Hate Me?

We like it when artists make the effort to create something unique and catchy and this is exactly what we feel when listening to “Does Everybody Hate Me?” by Deza, as with her unique tone of voice, manages to transmit her energy and essence through intense lyrics and catchy melodies. At the beginning the song starts in a minimalist way with very subtle details and few melodic elements that gradually lead to the climax of the chorus where we find a very attractive contrast that makes this song stand out in an innovative and interesting way, it is one of those songs that sticks in your head from the first time you listen to it and we invite you to hear this, and all the other songs by Deza, as we are sure that she will become one of your favorite artists!

#2 PjPoppy - Private Island

This is a song with a very good vibe, the guitar and the vocals combine very well and create a feeling that everything is fine, something very relaxing for the body and the mind that will surely put you in a chill state that you won’t want to leave Since Pjpoppy manages to hit us in that sweet spot with mellow melodies and smooth vocals performed in a very catchy way. “Private Island” is the perfect example that artists don't need many futuristic sounds or textures to make a very good song, listen to it below and enjoy:

#1 Nii - Silk

This is a song that definitely deserves to be on our top this week. I would not know where to start to speak well about this song since it is just perfect, it has an old school vibe that is very attractive since “Nii”, with its vocals and the chords he uses, manages to create a rhythm that easily catches you completely and relaxes you or makes you dance. The magic of this song, and what captivated us, is that this production could be played while we drive, study, relax or in a disco, bar or festival and it would still be perfect for the occasion. We were so truly amazed at Nii's talent and ability to produce, compose and play the guitar that we hope you also enjoy “SILK”

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